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A Letter From Pastor Curtis:

Dear PBC family and friends,

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. Fear, frustration, and anxiety are common emotions many of us are enduring as this season of illness swirls around us. While these emotions are common and normal during this time of pandemic concerns, it is imperative as Christ’s church that we not succumb to these.

As believers in the atonement of Christ in our place, we have a peace that surpasses the world’s understanding. Because Jesus has purchased us with His blood, shed on the cross, we are not enemies of God but are His precious people, so we can walk in joy. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and we have no need to fear our own mortality, because we too will be resurrected with Christ. As recipients of God’s grace, we recognize that everything God places into our lives is a good and perfect gift, so we can rest in His providence no matter the state of current events. It is imperative that we remind ourselves of these truths no matter what is happening around us. 

Because these things are true, we also know that God has entrusted us (the Elders of PBC) to care for the souls of you, the congregation of Princeton Bible Church. It is our heart to walk in wisdom as we seek to protect you all from physical concerns. Our President has asked that all Americans limit their group interactions to 10 or less people for the next few weeks. In light of this, we have decided to forego all activities, including Sunday morning worship until further notice.

While we cannot meet together for corporate worship, it is our desire to continue to provide you with sound biblical teaching through this time. So, you will have the opportunity to hear from our elders. Each day we will post on our website: princetonbible.com, a short teaching as an opportunity to know Christ more and more in His word as we go through these days. On Sunday morning at 10:30, we will also post a sermon where we dive deeper into the Word, as we do each Sunday. In addition to our website we will also be posting these on this Facebook page, on our Princeton Bible Church YouTube channel. While this is not a substitute for the weekly gathering, worship, and fellowship that we’re called to as believers, it is what we’ve discerned as our best option at this point.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we live in submission to the good will of our Heavenly Father. We know that these circumstances have been foreordained by Him and we walk trusting Him. We also trust God regarding our finances here at PBC. We know that the opportunity to give is a grace of God. He enables each of us to give as we’ve decided in our hearts to give, cheerfully. And because we still have ministries that need support in these days, we want to provide ways for you to give. We have sent out 2 envelopes to those who attend PBC that are addressed and stamped so you may mail in your check to the church office. While many of you are used to giving weekly, in order for us to save on postage, we ask that you wait and send your giving for the rest of March and all of April in these 2 envelopes. While this is a less than ideal situation, it is the wisest option we have at this point.

We also know, according to all reports, that this virus is especially dangerous to those 65 and older, as well as those who have immune deficiencies. So we ask you, if you fall into these categories, please stay home. We have many people in our Church who are willing to serve you. If it’s groceries, medications, or anything else, please call our office at 815-875-2933 if no one answers, please leave a message.

We love you and can’t wait until we are united together again in corporate worship to our gracious God.

Pastor Curtis and the Elders of PBC


Here’s what’s coming up in the Spring….

Elders Shepherd’s Conference – March 2-7

Friendship Club begins March 12th. Will meet on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30p.m.

Liberty Village Service: Sunday, March 15 at 3 PM

Soup Cook-off – Sunday, March 29 at 6 PM

Quarterly Family Meal & Meeting – Sunday, April 19

For more details, check out our Events Listing here… https://princetonbible.com/events/